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Even in Today’s Digital World, Business Press Coverage Still Rocks

Even in Today’s Digital World, Business Press Coverage Still Rocks

Forbes. New York Times. Entrepreneur. The Chicago Tribune. All of the above. They all have one thing in common: they know how to mass-distribute stories. And, yes, they do that digitally as well, but there’s still something to be said about the local press coverage especially when it targets a certain demographic — think radio, television, PR. If you’re starting any local business, getting some local press coverage does just as good a job as sending out a digital press release and sharing it on Facebook.

The Trick, Though, Is to Tell a STORY

You’re not selling anything. You’re simply telling a story someone would love to hear or read. When it’s newsworthy, you automatically get that reputation build-up reminiscent of the anchorman going to the latest news and reporting on the BIGGEST TREND (which is YOU), and everyone just happens to be on the information super-highway for that, because the news is where everyone learns something new (hence the word “NEWS”).

You have to do a little leg work, of course — contact any local press out there, invest a little — but craft up that narrative as a sort of origin story with a clear unique characteristic behind what it is you do. If you’re just the same ol’ as the next guy, it won’t be newsworthy. So make it good.

You then supplement that story with some fantastic visuals, and here’s the bonus: you can re-purpose that stuff on social media as well.

The Honest Truth Is People Forget About the Value Behind Business Press Coverage

We are so ingrained in the digital world. That human aspect gets lost. So do yourself — and your business — a big favor. Tap into the human aspect and get in front of the real eyes, the real camera — and let everyone know about your business.

(The good news is you can do that online, too!)

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