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Get the BAD Business Reviews First — the Good Comes Later

Get the BAD Business Reviews First — the Good Comes Later

Let me elaborate…. Don’t be surprised if you get those customer complaints often. Some customers just do that. Welcome it. Embrace it. Learn from them. The point is that business reviews — good or bad — are the meat and potatoes of corporate success, so you’re going to want to get yourself out there and make yourself that much more vulnerable.

Ask for Testimonials — Ask for Critiques — Ask for Feedback — Ask for SOMETHING

Anything, really. You want to know what the heck your customers are thinking.

The research shows that 72% of all customers see that positive reviews make a trustworthy business. No reviews at all — not even some bad ones — and a customer’s most likely not going to even bother.

Moreover, 92% of consumers actually WANT to use a local business with at least ONE 4-star rating. You heard that right: just one.

That means all you need to do is collect just one satisfactory testimonial, and you’re basically golden. Post that awesome praise online, and you might be sitting on a goldmine.

What about the bad reviews, though? Won’t that hurt you? Yes. Most likely. But you can also learn from them, grow, expand, and prosper further. Ultimately the loyalty of good business reviews stands the test of time, and bad reviews go the way of the dodo over time. Two steps forward — and then one step back — and then two steps forward.

Set Yourself Up on Platforms Where You Know Your Customers Will Leave All Sorts of Reviews

Facebook. Yelp. Google. Whatever. Just be sure to ask at the right time — like right after they’ve eaten their meal at your restaurant, or right after you’ve completed service on their windows. Doing that, and you actually stand a pretty darn good chance that the customer will shower you with lovely reviews of your service for days on end.

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