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Why the Business WOW Factor Woos Many a Customer

Why the Business WOW Factor Woos Many a Customer

What is the WOW factor? It goes by another name: word of mouth. We know what you’re thinking — that the concept is about as archaic as Sanskrit and no one goes by word of mouth anymore. Not so.

The Fact Is That Business WOW Factor on Just the Research Alone Generates 10X THE RESULTS of All Traditional Marketing

Why don’t people do it more often? Because it’s hard to see the results right in front of you, and to pinpoint the exact success of your business based on word of mouth: that’s why.

Of course, it’s very easy to spread the word of your business in a way that turns your customers into advocates for your business…. YOU SIMPLY HAVE TO GO ABOVE AND BEYOND. Exceed all expectations and blow those customers away with ridiculously amazing service.

Be original. Be interesting. Put a stamp in their minds about not just your business or product, but how cool you were about selling it to them. Make them go WOW.

It could be a handwritten postcard with a special gift. Perhaps you might be the only competitor in your market offering a lifetime warranty on your service/product. It has to be something that’ll make the customer go “WOW, I’ve never seen that before anywhere else.”

What You’ve Then Done Is CLEARLY Squashed the Competition

You’ve done something no one else has done. You’ve offered something no one else has offered. You’ve given something to your customers no one else has even thought of giving — the WOW factor. That, of course, comes with the territory related to your competitor research. Is your competition missing something? Nab that, promote it, and get that revenue. Be daring. Uncompromising. Visceral. Like you’re a rabid dog holding onto someone’s leg, and you’re not going to let go.

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