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How Columbus, Ohio, Leveraged Facebook Advertising to Highlight Their Small Business Ventures

How Columbus, Ohio, Leveraged Facebook Advertising to Highlight Their Small Business Ventures

Have to hand it to Facebook, right? — They’re focusing on the right angle. Small businesses. That’s really what it is all about, so we’re currently not surprised at all that the social media giant’s helming arguably the coolest Facebook advertising campaign on behalf of the Discovery City, and you won’t believe just what’s being highlighted. No, not the latest Fortune 500 company, or the biggest entrepreneur or inventor. No, we’re not even talking about light saber videos or recipe how-to’s. Instead it’s more about this:

The Columbus Zoo Happens to Be One of Those Small Businesses Getting the Awesome Reach of Facebook

But believe it or not — it’s not just about any of those particular small businesses, although we’re pretty sure that Columbus elephant or lion loves to get some great exposure, the zoo getting massive visibility. After all, Facebook harnesses a pool of users that’s pretty much in the millions, so if you’re on Facebook — either on your phone or computer — chances are good you’re going to see something like this campaign about a little-known small business that’s local, but cool.

The reality is Facebook’s now all about keeping it local. Small businesses are where it’s at. And the campaign’s about what you as a small business can do with online marketing strategy such as these social advertising campaigns. Don’t knock it until you try it; don’t take it lightly. If you’re a small business, these campaigns will most definitely put a dent in that marketing wall.

Other Animal-Related Businesses in Columbus, Ohio, Were Also Featured, of Course

And the campaign’s about as professional as it gets. You can’t beat this type of advertising. Facebook’s changing the name of the game. And who would’ve thought? They’re doing it all right now — for small businesses, because keeping it local is what’s best for all businesses, and the country. That should tell you something!

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