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Here’s the Scoop on Live Streaming for Small Businesses

Here’s the Scoop on Live Streaming for Small Businesses

Did you think live streaming was just for the millionaire entrepreneur or travel blogger? Not so. These days, believe it or not, even small businesses out there benefit from the easiest way to reach your customers: a simple live stream on your mobile phone or tablet.

Live Streaming No Longer Requires Special Equipment

Thanks to mobile technology advancing so quickly, small businesses can just turn on their phone, hit the Facebook app and click LIVE to start an actual broadcast. And the best part is those live streaming broadcasts benefit from a more natural (unscripted) approach.

These days it’s not just Facebook; you can do this with YouTube now. Even Twitter and Instagram have both jumped on the live streaming bandwagon to help you attain more reach in real-time, helping you generate all sorts of buzz for the products and services you provide.

In essence, when you live stream, you’re letting viewers know that you’re real. You’re not just some ‘business’. You’re a person, connecting with others in real-time, and even interacting with them over the phone or tablet — a huge benefit as listeners can even react and ask questions in real-time as you’re streaming, promoting that much of a higher level of engagement.

And These Days, When It Comes to Small Business Marketing, It’s All About Engagement

Those who engage more, get more. Those who get more, get more revenue for their business. Those who get more revenue…. Get more profit! Plus it’s quite easy to learn. If you know how to hold your phone in front of your face and hit RECORD, you’re pretty much set. You just need to be comfortable talking into a phone and responding on the fly via video. Shouldn’t be too hard given you can’t even see or hear your viewers, so why not give it a try?

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