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Location-Based Marketing Zeroes in on the Gold

Location-Based Marketing Zeroes in on the Gold

One of the reasons why mobile marketing happens to be so effective is this: location, location, location. And it makes perfect sense. Typically if someone’s on the phone, it means they’re on the “go.” If they’re on the go, WHERE they are at any point of time does make a big difference. And if that user’s Googling and surfing the net for the nearest pizza place, naturally that user’s going to opt for location as a factor!

This Is Why as a Small Business, Aiming Your Marketing Based on Location Does Make a Difference

Also known as “geolocation,” location-based marketing harnesses the power of GPS tracking, targeting those potential customers simply based on where they are at any given time. When you think about it — that’s a remarkable technology we’re seeing even today.

This allows marketers to really fine-tune their messages to account for specific locations. If they happen to be in close proximity to your store, you can alert those potential customers about certain sales, promotions and more. With just one click of a button.

When you’re going for turnkey, you can’t get much more basic than that.

And Before You Think That It Would Be a Stretch, Think Again….

When collecting data thanks to email marketing, one of the great things about knowing you’re pooling all those phone numbers from forms is that with the right tech you can then know exactly what phone service numbers come from — and where customers reside at the specific time — for you to pinpoint via GPS.

You, of course, have to have potential customers opt in for GPS tracking. It simply means your messaging links with the GPS of their phones, and before you know it, you’re sending relevant messages not only to the right people — but at the right time.

As a Small Business, It’s a Must to Focus on Location-Based Marketing

Times are changing as you can see. Small businesses need to stay ahead of them. Since everyone these days is on a phone — close those customers through that channel, and you’re more than gold!

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