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Why Nashville, TN, Is a Prime Spot for Facebook’s Keep It Local Campaign

Why Nashville, TN, Is a Prime Spot for Facebook’s Keep It Local Campaign

Chances are good you’ve already heard about the small business initiative launched by Facebook — Keep It Local. What an homage to small businesses and how they’re the driving force of the economy. They really are. Understand, though, that the social media mega-giant has certain targets in mind; they’re not going to explode all over the country with this social media campaign. No, sir. Instead, they’ve picked a few select cities to highlight. And one of them is the heart of country tunes itself — Nashville, Tennessee:

The MUSIC CITY CAPITAL of the Country Will Be Featured on Facebook

That means small businesses in Nashville will get their time in the spotlight. Why? Because of music. The truth is music is one of those industries fueled heavily by the small business. Musicians. Music stores. Bands. You name it. Those are considered small businesses, and they also deserve the best possible exposure.

This is why Facebook chose Nashville as a target. Not only that, but Nashville’s known for their international flavor, and you’ll see small businesses of other kinds highlighted to the “nth” degree in a way that can only be described as social media excellence. Featured in high-profile professional videos, you’ll see the value in exactly what these businesses are about and why they’re so valuable.

The Point of the KEEP IT LOCAL Campaign Is Simple

This is to prove just how powerful marketing can be for even the small business. You don’t have to be a big corporation to get the goods on visibility and reach. You can even be a small business in Nashville, Tennessee, and utilize something as simple as a Facebook ad to get that lead gen you always wanted. Amazingly, these businesses you’ll see in the campaign targeting Nashville have the best dream gift of all time of corporations.

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