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Here’s Why Online Marketing Matters Even More Today for Your Business

Here’s Why Online Marketing Matters Even More Today for Your Business

As if we’re preaching to the choir here…. Truthfully, you have no idea just how crucial online marketing is these days. It’s more than just having a Facebook page and an email list. You might think location, location, location matters even more if you’re all about the local customer base, so online marketing has no place in your business plan.

Online Marketing Has Become SO Comprehensive That Even a Plumber Should Incorporate It

Business reviews online are a big thing these days, focused on setting you up with a profile on Google maps where you can be instantly discovered — with just a press of a button on the phone. It’s no longer an option; it’s a necessity.

1/3 of all mobile searches for businesses happen to be location-related. 78% of all these local mobile searches actually result in offline purchases. That means most of the customers you’ll find in a brick-and-mortar store — they showed up because of something they saw on their mobile device.

Let that sink in a bit.

The Key to Maximizing Your Business Online Marketing Is To….

Dig deeper and ask these questions:

  • What Businesses Show Up in Google’s Local Pack?
  • What Are the Targeted Keywords?
  • What Are the Most-Used Social Media Platforms?
  • What Kind of Online Content Are These Competitors Developing and Sharing?

These question honestly bolster the importance of competitor research, too — you might notice that a lot of them have an online presence. Review just how they utilize that social media and online marketing to the best of their ability and go from there.

Your Business Should Have a Online Marketing Presence as Well

Why wait? Start now. Start off slow. The online marketing world’s getting bigger and bigger, and it seems like you’re only getting smaller and smaller. But keep climbing, and all that matters is you’re putting your footprint on each part of that business online marketing mountain.

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