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Small Businesses in Sacramento, CA, Push the Envelope Thanks to Facebook

Small Businesses in Sacramento, CA, Push the Envelope Thanks to Facebook

Part of what gives small businesses the energy to break the mold and redefine countless industries is this: breaking ground. Going against the grain. Trying something new. And therefore discovering something about a market or vertical no one ever saw. Think Netflix, for instance. Uber. Heck, even Facebook at one time was considered a “small business,” but what propelled that company into what they are was a drive to turn models on their heads and reinvent. Such is the case for irony: Facebook will be pushing local businesses in select cities for a campaign called Keep It Local, and you won’t believe what city gets on that list: Sacramento, California.

Sacramento, CA, Will Be the City of Trees, Home of the Gold Rush Era, That Brings Life to Local Businesses

And the still very trending and timeless methodology of online marketing and remarketing of ad campaigns via Facebook will leverage small businesses in Sacramento, CA, highlighting the supernatural and risk-taking sensibility of what we would see in the metro area.

We’re talking about serious creativity here. Try to tap into your imagination on what kind of small businesses just a few hops, skips and jumps away from Silicon Valley exist, and you know what we’re talking about. The essence of today’s economy is, in fact, all about the small business. After all, the bigger corporations of today didn’t get where they were without being a small business first.

This, of Course, Isn’t Just About Sacramento

Facebook will be working on this campaign for the ultimate reason — to fuel other small businesses everywhere that online marketing success is possible! Just wait until you see the full force of these campaigns, highlighting Sacramento businesses with the best of them in ways local entrepreneurs could only dream of. To think that a true trendsetter like Facebook will be touching on this…. That spells good news for small businesses.

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