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7 Secrets to Selling Success for Your Small Business Marketing Plan

7 Secrets to Selling Success for Your Small Business Marketing Plan

Small businesses really do get the short end of the stick for a lot of reasons: one, they’re small, who cares about them; two, they’re not big, meaning they don’t have a whole lot of the capital backing or clout you’d expect from corporations putting their best feet forward. In short, when it comes to trying to get a piece of the marketing pie at least in any vertical or industry, it’s an uphill climb for the local small business. Either you’ve got a great deal of funds to work with, and you use it up on marketing that nets you very little…. Or you’ve got nothing at all but a few cents, and you’re left just passing out flyers.

It’s a Tough Life Out There for Small Businesses, But When It Comes to Marketing Secrets, This List Is Your Best Bet for Success

And it does take work. We don’t want you to see otherwise, thinking that it’s a “quick fix” or some kind of scheme. Apply these easy, yet subtle basics, and you’ll be on a faster track than some door-to-door strategy that’ll get you nowhere!

  • Look at Your COMPETITORS, Please — Why? Why bother wasting your time visiting some of your competition? Here’s why.
  • Online Marketing Really Does Work — You just have to do it right and steer clear of the ‘complex stuff’. Here’s how.
  • Believe It or Not, But “BAD” Is “GOOD” — ….What?? When it comes to reviews, actually yes that’s true. Here’s why.
  • While Online’s King, Press Coverage Is Still Queen — It still works. The old tried-and-true method of PR work, and this is what you need to know.
  • Ever Heard of the WOW Factor?You’ll want to know what it is.
  • Don’t Forget About That Email List — There’s a reason why every business expert out there will say that the “money is in the list.”
  • And Finally…. MOBILE APPS — Mobile technology is where it’s at, and here’s why.

Just remember that building any business will take time. Don’t stress. It takes more than a day to build a house.

So Why Try Rushing in Building a Small Business?

It won’t work. Focus on the secret skills. Take it step by step. Work on your foundation. Little by little, the marketing will start running on its own, you develop a following, and before you know it — customers will want to break down your little small business door!

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